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New worlds to conquer, new people to harass

I think what I need is an influsion of new blood. I should go out there and find a new forum to slap around or perhaps some new LJs to read. All of you are boring, damnit, and no longer meeting the necessary minimum level of 'interesting' to keep me entertained. I want to see slap fights. I want to have flame wars where I can call someone a decerebrated, helmet-wearing shit eater. I want something interesting to happen, blast it. BE INTERESTING, people. At this point I'd take the old tried and true of an abortion or death penalty debate, which just shows the level of desperation.

Consider this homework. Within the next 24 hours, everyone reading this should post something entertaining. This can be drama, ranting, or even obnoxious emo angst (but only if it's funny and I can make fun of it). If that fails, anyone have any suggestions on where I can go to make some mischief? Maybe I should find a nice vegan treehugger site and kick a few hippies around. That always makes me feel better.
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