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Victims of the world unite!

Well, it seems that my little effort to put together a timeline has not met with rousing appreciation, at least from the rabid 'GUILTY! GUILTY!' crowd. After putting it together I went to a couple of blogs that have been following the case and posted it up to see what others thought. In one I stumbled across abyss2hope, the writer had floated some other timeline speculations that were just completely off. I mean, when your speculation runs afoul of what the accuser and 2nd stripper themselves stated to police, it's a fair bet you're not going to get very far arguing that a crime occurred. I posted a response that contained the timeline only to have it deleted almost immediately. I wasn't even offensive or arguementative or anything. Sorta makes me wish I had just brought out the flame thrower from the get go but it also made me curious why someone who was supposedly asking questions about the event's timeline would just go and delete a comment from someone willing to discuss it.

Well, looking around the page a little more it seems pretty clear. Here's her 'bio':

I'm a writer and novelist who has viewed the world from a slightly off-center perspective ever since date rape at 15 jolted me from being a rule-following innocent into my new being as a rule-breaking cynic with a razor-sharp tongue. Twenty years of silence about why I changed overnight was followed by 9 plus years as a volunteer victim's advocate. In my first novel, Cherry Love, I put readers in my shoes so they can gain a deep understanding of the attitudes that keep date rape alive and unwell.

Well that figures. At worst she's some sort of emotionally screwed up basket case with feminazi tendancies viewing the world as one giant proxy battle from her past. At best, she's obviously got a stake in believing every single rape accuser out there, even when the facts might not fit. I've often thought to myself that nutjobs like this should be forced to wear a sign or other identifying mark in real life so that you know what you're going to get into before they spaz out on you. Here's a case where the 'sign' was there right on the blog and I overlooked it. My mistake. I don't know about her claims to have a 'razor sharp tongue' since all I've seen so far is a thin skin and a inclination to hide her head in the sand.

Looks like I'm still having my comments deleted. It always amazes me the lengths that some people will go to to avoid information contrary to what they believe. Frankly, I prefer to argue, debate, scream and curse about issues but for others it might just be upseting to be challenged on what they believe. Certainly I've yet to see any of the supposed rebel with the razor-sharp tongue in this case.
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