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Why are anime characters so cute?

Ever wonder? I've heard all the theories that there are certain evolutionary throwbacks in our nature that make us find certain features appealing, mainly those found in children. It seems to be a cross species sort of effect since people almost always find baby animals more attractive than their adult counterparts. The large eyes are one clear feature in this as I'm sure are others that while I can't immediately point out an artist could. The strange thing is if we actually viewed an anime figure in real life the effect would be grotesque, no? I can't imagine that having eyes the size of half your head would actually look appealing in the real and non-drawn world. Nor would the teeny tiny little mouths that somehow can expand to fill the other half the of head taken up by the eyes nor the nearly nonexistant nose. That being the case, isn't it amazing that through practice and trial and error that these animators and artists have managed to exploit these preferences that most likely developed over the course of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution without somehow going so far that it becomes repulsive.

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