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Would I think differently if I were popular?

To no surprise, a lot of people are out there blogging every day about the Duke lacrosse case, much like yours truly. People are digesting the latest news to hit the wires (of which there's something new at least every day) and then interpreting or spinning the results. Of course, most of these individuals already have a position on the case as to whether they believe a crime has occured. Lets face it, blogging is not really something for those restrained and reserved people who want to wait until all the facts are in before making up their minds in a deliberative and thoughtful manner. If you're going to be out there spewing your own conclusions on a contraversial topic that has touched nerves, you have to imagine that you're going to get a lot of heated responses, right?

Errr, apparently not. Lately it seems that there is a lot of whining and bellyaching out there from some people blogging about the case concerning the comments they're receiving. H E R E are just a few examples of it recently. You can add abyss2hope to that list though in her case it seems that anyone even disagreeing with her is too much for her to bear. Is it just me or does this seem a wee bit hypocritical? If you're using your blog to rant and/or express strong opinions, can you really whine that others are doing the same?

Maybe what the difference is, is a matter of degree. God knows that not a whole lot of people actually read this blog, and I'm sure that's true compared to at least some of the ones listed above. I've still had reaming hoards of anonymous commentors at times in the past posting insults and flames and I've never felt a need to delete comments. (Anyone remember that mess with the mohawk people site?) In fact, even if I don't comment to their comment, I unscreen the thing (anons are autoscreened) so that it can be viewed by everyone.

Now, maybe my view on this is based in part on the fact that I don't usually get dozens of vitriolic comments ever day from hoards of readers, but I'd like to believe that I'd feel the same way regardless. Hell, considering some of the vicious attacks and wars I would get into the middle of on other forums, this is practically childs play. So if anyone out there wants to say something particularly heinous, go right ahead. Maybe we should all grow some thicker skins.
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