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The stench of ignorance

Okay, I think I'm in way over my head here. Since I've been looking at a lot of other blogs lately, I thought it would be nice if I tried to get a little more up to date on how blogging is supposed to work when you're not just pissing around on a LJ. I have only the vaguest idea of terms like RSS, XML, atom, pings, trackback, etc. I think I've generally figured out how RSS and the like works, and have downloaded the firefox extension Sage to keep track of it. Everything seems to be working pretty well so far, though I'm not sure how it's really all that much of an advantage than just checking the site. I guess if you have a crapload of blogs you're watching over and following, it must make it nice to know exactly which ones have been updated.

What's currently baffling the living fuck out of me are pings and more specifically trackback. I stumbled across the term on a few blogs and after looking around found a pretty basic summary on Wikipedia. It seems pretty straight forward, right? Wrong. Since I didn't want to pay hundreds of dollars for some high end blogging software, I searched around until I found some bare bones program that would accomplish the job that the creators put out. I took a look at the instructions and my head exploded almost immediately. I could wring more coherance out of this if it were in freaking german or backwards piglatin.

I think what it finally comes down to is you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Back in the day I could proably struggle and research and puzzle this sort of thing out but at this point, just looking at it gives me a headache. Whatever happened to the good old days where the most complex thing you had to master was figuring out all the freaking control codes for emacs?

Anyone out there who can give me a hand and translate?
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