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We have pictures!

Well, it looks like finally we have some of the pictures taken the night of the alleged rape out for public consumption. Dan Abrams of The Abrams report got a hold of them and apparently ran a story on the Duke Lacrosse case while showing a few. I have no clue if every single one was displayed on the show, but some have made it onto the web as well. You can take a look at them here. It's a pity that none of them are really the ones that we would want to see, which in my case concern the shots of her leaving the house and the grin she supposedly has on her face at 12:31. The latter of course is a pipe dream since no media outlet is likely to unblur her face in the pictures so we can get a look. I figure the only way it's going to get out with an unobstructed shot is if someone manages to sneak a copy out.

Of the pictures that are shown, the only one really of interest is the one of the player's watch. That will allow the defense to legitimize the timestamp on the camera. Some have questioned the veracity of the pictures and their displayed time, floating the possibility that the time on it was off. If the timestamp on the picture and the time on the watch match, than we can make some conclusions about its accuracy as far as timing goes.

Nice! I found a video clip of the entire news story here On it, you see even more of the pictures and they also raise a very interesting point. The lack of long-sleeve shirts at the party does seem to raise the question of why there isn't DNA on the fingernails. After all, she's testified she clawed at the arms and the picture of Seligmann and the large majority of players were wearing short-sleeved shirts. Of course, without pictures of the other lacrosse player charged or the knowledge of who 'Player #3' is, it's still possible that she clawed one of the others.

On a sidenote, here's a real oddity....

We have timestamped photos of the accuser getting into a black car with the other dancer at 12:41. The cabbie who picked up Seligmann and later swung back around 1:05am claims he sees the angry woman getting into a white car. What in the world is with that? What color car does the second stripper actually drive? Why is the accuser seen getting into a car (and assumably leaving) and then 25 minutes later seen back at the house and getting into another car? Are we just assuming that the cabbie saw the accuser the second time and it was someone else arguing with the Duke Lacrosse team on the lawn? It dosen't seem possible...does it?
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