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DNA and the Duke Lacrosse case

When the DNA results came back 'negative', as in, not matching any of the 46 players who submitted samples, there was a storm over exactly what that meant. One phrase that was used repeatedly was that absence of proof is not proof of absence. The idea being the fact that no DNA was found dosen't mean that an assault did not occur. Many people also repeated Nifong's quote that only a small percentage of rape cases actually go to trial with DNA evidence. All of this led many people to believe that there was simply no DNA found. It seems that things are just about to shift on that score.

Apparently DNA _WAS_ found on the discarded fake fingernails. They matched to the accuser and apparently a lot of other individuals, none of which were the duke lacrosse players. I just ran across this watching cable news but have yet to see anything in the print media about it. God knows that the cable news guys have screwed the pooch before on information so I'm a bit cautious on this one. For one, it seems like a tremendous boon for the defense if it's true, and opens up a god awful can of worms for the prosecution. In his search warrant application to test the players, Nifong claimed that the DNA would sort out the innocent from the guilty. What we may have now is a crapload of DNA from 'unknowns' and it bolsters the spector that if an assault occured, someone other than the players were responsible. It's going to be almost impossible to find out who all the DNA belongs to if it came from a slew of unidentified individuals. I'll edit this and post a link to any news story when I find it.

There was also an interview with the accuser's father in which he claims that his daughter made no statements about being drugged the next day when he and his wife saw her injuries and that there's a possibility she might not testify at all. Again, I'll post the links when I find them.

defense lawyer Bill Thomas told NEWSWEEK that in the first round some DNA showed up under the woman's fingernails, though tests were inconclusive about identity


"There may be DNA. In this first round of tests, they did find DNA under the woman's fingernails. But the tests, as to whose it was, were inconclusive," she said." There are new tests that are expected back," she adds, and these tests could lead to other conclusions.

Still can't find the bit about the interview with the accuser's father. Search goes on.
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