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I was browsing through CNN video a few minutes ago and stumbled across a clip of Cynthia McKinney where she had apparently overlooked the fact that her microphone was still attached when she started badmouthing an aide. Not a big deal quite frankly and she only called the guy a fool, but the part where she tries to dictate whether the bit could be use I found quite amusing.

For those of you who don't recall, McKinney is the member of congress who punched a capitol hill police officer in the chest when he tried to detain her as she bypassed metal detectors. She wasn't wearing the pin which identified her as a member of congress so as she tried to move past them, the offer tried to detain her at which point she turned around and whacked him one. When the incident became publicized she immediately claimed that she had been racially profiled by the presumably racist police officer. She claimed that she had only been stopped because she was a black woman and that white members of congress never had this problem. Of course, that sort of fell apart when other whitey members of congress came forward to say they're stopped as well whenever they're not wearing their pins.

Despite her charge of racism, McKinney begrudgingly offered an apologized a few days later claiming it had all been a misunderstanding. The incident of course led to a lot of commentary including the production of the following image which I found humorous. On a sidenote, on the way to her mea culpa, her bodyguard got into a little pushing scuffle with a reporter.

In this situation, it certainly seems that she did try to play the race card. She automatically assumed that race was the cause for the incident and then lashed out, indiscriminately labeling people as racists. If that's not a clear example of the race card I don't know what is. The fact that many other members of congress report being stopped when not wearing their pins only heightens that fact.

As far as I know...the case is in limbo. I think a grand jury has been empaneled or something but no indictments yet for assault.

Update: More McKinney news on cnn. It looks like she's drawn a democratic challenger for her primary seat and it's the lawyer she had hired to defend her in the case of her assault on the capitol hill police officer. I'm sure she's not worried though. As she says in the article after all: "people love me because I tell the truth."
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