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Money where your mouth is Posts Odds for Indicted Duke Lacrosse Players' Trial Outcome

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 2,, one of the Internet's largest sports betting sites, posted odds today for the trial outcomes of the Duke Lacrosse team players Collin Finnerty and Reade Sleigmann. Earlier this month, was the first to post odds on the number of DNA matches that investigators would make in the case. Though no matches were made, the prosecution still indicted two players and now bettors will have the chance to predict outcomes for their trials.

"Our customers have called and e-mailed us, requesting these odds be available to them during the trials. They are very interested in the outcome for these cases," says Dave Johnson, CEO of He continues, "Our customers like to bet on what they see and hear on television, and this case has no shortage of media attention and hype."

Finnerty and Sleigmann are accused of first-degree rape, first-degree sex offense and first-degree kidnapping. The odds ask bettors if either of the men will be convicted of one, two or all three counts as well as the option to pick not-guilty on all three counts or a mistrial. Payouts for each player are as follows:

Guilty on all 3 counts .....+100 (Risk $100 to win $100)
Guilty on 2 counts .....+200 (Risk $100 to win $200)
Guilty on 1 count .....+300 (Risk $100 to win $300)
Not Guilty on all 3 counts .....-200 (Risk $200 to win $100)
Mistrial .....+800 (Risk $100 to win $800)

Note: All bets have action when trial commences. If for any reason this does not go to trial all bets are deemed no action.

Nice. It looks like we can once again mix sensationalist court drama with gambling. This is what makes america grand. The idea that you can follow a court case vicariously through the cable news and then place wagers on the outcome. All we need now is something where we can vote at the end of the trial (that we've of course watched on court tv) through text messages and see who america thinks should be tossed into prison.

The scary thing is, I'm not even sure if I'm being entirely facetious or not. I've obviously enjoyed following the trial and pouring over the fragments of information and trying to integrate it. It's been a fasinating case all around from the wild swings in media bias to the core issues of race, class, and gender in this country. I'm almost tempted enough to toss in a bid and see what happens. If the trial is as racially divisive as we've been told to believe, a bet on mistrial might just pay some nice dividens.

On a sidenote, there have been some other Duke Lacrosse case developments that I haven't been tracking nearly as closely thanks to gencon registration. Here's a quick sumup.

Here's an article which revisits the initial bias in the case in favor of the accuser in the mainstream media. Again, contrary to what some revisionists claim now that she was never believed from the start, followed by some degenerating rant about whitey.

One of the half dozen or so committes that Duke's president organized in the wake of the case has returned with its judgement about the lacrosse team. The upshot is that there will be a '07 season and "We looked closely but found no compelling evidence to support claims that these players are racist or have a record of sexual violence," said Duke law professor James E. Coleman Jr., who led the committee.

It also looks like there were photographs taken by the ATM machine of seligmann. The defense attorneys presented to the court a series of 12 photographs captured on an ATM camera as he withdrew money at 12:24 a.m. on the night of the alleged rape. This certainly seems to bolster his alibi and back up the cabbie who said that he was in the cab.
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