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Curse you, Buttery Bake Shop!

So today is my mom's birthday and I was in charge of ordering the cake. I carried out this duty a couple days ago, ordering a 'number' cake in the shape of a '6' and a '0' since my mom is turning 60 today. Someone went to pick up the cake a couple of hours ago and found that though I said I wanted a 'number' cake, someone obviously thought what I wanted was a 'bunny' cake with 60 on it somewhere. Obviously my mom wanted no part of a $70 cake which looked like a freaking easter bunny so we declined to purchase it.

I get a call from the bake shop around 15 minutes later saying that since they screwed it up, they would let us have it for $20 dollars instead. Now, I'm thinking here...mmmm, I get to eat cake and who the hell cares what it looks like and it'll only cost me $20! That's a winner. I talk to my mom and my sister, both of whom are flat against taking the cake. So I call to let them know that we're going to pass on it, just as the person there says 'oh, really? I was just about to call you and tell you that you could have it for free'. Doh. So not only do I not get cake, I don't even get free cake, which as far as I'm concerned is just about the best kind of cake there is.


Someone bake me a cake now. I want a cake, damnit.
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