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Leaving on a jet plane

Welp, I just bought my plane ticket to indianapolis for gencon. This will be the first time I'm actually flying down instead of driving but I figure with the cost of gas during the summer driving months, it'd actually be cheaper to fly and then rent a car for the few days I'm up with mock26 and others. I should be arriving 8/11 which is a friday and then heading out on 8/20 from indianaplis. If anyone in the area wants to get together for anything, drop me a line. We're already planning the annual group outing to the Renn Faire, tentatively scheduled for saturday. I won't be heading down to gencon until wednesday morning, so there are a few more days to fill.

On the list of other trip-related things to plan, I still have to pick up a hotel for the first few days and I've been trying priceline to see if I can snag something cheap. I've also got to figure out exactly which days I'll want a rental car, and that will depend on what there is to do in the itinerary I imagine. Every day I can knock off of that total will save me something like $40.
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