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Most expensive trip ever

I've been making reservations and tallying costs and it seems that this trip to gencon this year will be the costliest ever by quite a bit. It'll be at least 1k on the inside, and that dosen't even include all the things like food or game purchases or things along those lines.

$250 for flight
$240 for pre-gencon hotel
$170 for pre-gencon car rental
$240 for gencon hotel
$65 for gencon badge
$100 for gencon event tickets (minimum)
$200 for gencon-related props

Total: $1065

Add in things like the Renn faire, food, entertainment, purchases, etc and I'm looking at something closer to $1500. Cripes.

Cripes. I'm always a moron when making these sort of travel decisions too. I never seem to think it through and tend to buy on the spur of the moment. I just realized that my car rental whozit begins _3_ hours after I arrive in the airport. Well that's going to suck. I'll have to remember to bring a book with me for sure.
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