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Cleanup in aisle 4

Well, the burn session is on hold until I can snag a few replacement files. That's the problem with not having watched some of the things you're burning off. You don't notice the problems with some of the files until it comes time to do a final check and then you want to fix all the issues before making a permanant copy. I absolutely hate making coasters, either completely dead ones or just functional wastes.

Anyway, the Killer Bunnies Tourney went pretty spiffy today. At the last Panera gameday a girl and her husband were walking past and upon seeing that we were playing boardgames popped in. Turns out that they and their friends were all gamers and she started to squeal with delight upon seeing the KB Perfectly Pink booster. Turns out that KB is her favorite game. I of course invited her to the tourney/release event today and we all spent some time chatting about gaming-related things.

Kalai (KAH-lie. I thought it was some sort of hippie thing and when I inquired if her parents lived on some sort of commune smoking pot all day was told that it's actually hawaiian) and her husband (Can't remember his name for some reason. It's something pretty normal though. You know, like Mike or Jeff or Bob or something.) both showed up today and also brought a friend along. It also turns out that they're going to gencon too and wanted to get in on the TD run for thursday once they found out I still had spare tickets. That means our 'little' group is now up to 10 people and I have a total of 12 tickets. So anyone else who's seeing this and wants in, now's the time to speak up.

Other than that, I rushed over to the NBC release event but of course arrived too late to actually play. Boooo-urns. I did however pick up some of the promo cards which is always nice and got to watch and talk with Andrew the designer for a while.
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