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Registration Catastrophe

Well, today is event reg for origins and it's going, you're not going to believe this, even worse than for gencon. I can't get it to recognize the fact I have a badge at all. I've mailed their customer service people and it's been around 25 minutes since their last response and still notta. Now there's nothing to do but sit here, wait, and ponder how many events will actually be left by the time I can get into the system.

Feh. This is probaly what I get for trying to save a buck or two and getting one of those expose a friend tickets instead of just buying a badge outright. Still, I find that I'm not nearly as pissy as I be if this were a gencon fuckup. Origins is a more relaxed con for me and there are fewer events that I feel I must get a piece of. Now, I'm not going to be a very happy camper if my events all sell out, but it's something that I think I can live with. Well, maybe not. We'll see.

:twiddle: :twiddle: :twiddle:

1:04 pm - A hour past the start of event reg and still nothing.

1:25 pm - Came back after having had lunch and watching 15 minutes of the Star Trek DS9 episode on spike TV. It was the one where Gul Dukat had been kidnapped by the marquis. Discovered that my badge had finally been linked.

1:30 pm - Registered for all my events which were all still avaliable. Did happy dance and repeatedly said how much I love origins. Hit checkout button.

1:31 pm - 'Tranaction failure. Transaction failure. Bet you wish you had made sure that you could checkout before you praised us, you dumb fuck.'

1:31:10 pm - Began swearing.

1:32 pm - Stopped swearing and sent an email to customer service.

1:33 pm - Decided to reregister for some of the games because god knows how long it'll take for customer service to get back to me.

1:38 pm - Completed registration the second time around, this time only registering for 3 events.

2:00 pm - Went to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation on Spike TV and fell asleep

5:30 pm - Woke up to discover email from customer service. It said that I _should_ reregister because even though the events show up on my account they don't actually count somehow.

6:01 pm - Discover that event registration has been taken offline until 9pm.

6:01:10 pm - Cue cursing.

9:10 pm - Check site. Registration is still not up.

10:05 pm - Check site. Wee, it's up again.

10:06 pm - Begin registering. Error message: No badge selected. Well, there's some deja vu for me.

10:07 pm - Finish mailing customer service.

10:16 pm - While waiting for a response, I decided to just browse around and see if any of my events have filled up. While searching for the 3-part RPG I know I got tickets for, I saw the following:

Event # Event Starts Ends Available/Max Price
6091 Rescue of a Lifetime Thu 10:00 am Thu 1:45 pm -1/8 $3.00
6092 Rescue of a Lifetime Fri 2:00 pm Fri 5:45 pm 0/8 $3.00
6093 Rescue of a Lifetime Sat 10:00 am Sat 1:45 pm -2/8 $3.00

Man, is this going to be a mess or what. It's going to be like last year where they oversold freaking RPG events. It's not a good sign when you're seeing negative avaliability.

10:25 pm - Call discover card in an attempt to find out if I've even been charged for any of the events I tried to sign up for. Unfortunately there is no updated information there. How sad is it that I have to figure out if registration worked by going through my credit card company?

10:40 pm - Try to click my badge and succeed! Attempt to add events with no problems. Only one has been sold out.

10:43 pm - Try to checkout. 'Your Shopping Cart is Empty.' Man, this just gets better and better.

10:47 pm - Keep testing system with events. It seems that anything I add to the cart that I tried to purchase earlier is automatically removed from the cart. If I just add something random and new, it stays in there. Freaking fabulous.

10:52 pm - Completed yet another email to customer service.

11:16 pm - Received email from customer service saying that the reason I'm having so many problems is because there's an IE bug, and if I would just use firefox, I should have absolutely no problems with registration.

11:24 pm - Finish composing reply email informing the origins staff that I've been using firefox all along.

1:47 am - Test event registration system again just in case someone there is burning the midnight oil and has fixed the problem. Still zilch. Events from earlier still get wiped from the cart.

5:40 am - Test event registration system again just in case someone there is a very early riser and has fixed the problem. Still zilch. Events from earlier still get wiped from the cart.

5:46 am - Leave post on origins forums describing the problem I'm having.

12:20 pm - Still notta. No response from email. No response from forum post.

3:30 pm - Try off and on during the day with no results. I also find that I can't post to their forums anymore either for some reason. God knows why that's been disabled.

4:22 pm - Sent another email reiterating that all I want is for someone to tell me whether I have my events or not.

6:09 pm - Ding! Ding! Registration hell is over! Elapsed time: 30 hours and change from the start of registration.

Received an email confirming that if I see my events in the transaction page under manage purchases, I've got it. They'll worry about charging me for it later. This means that I ended up getting every event I wanted and then some, and I guess we chalk this up under all's well that ends well.

For anyone reading this who still knows people who are in a limbo situation like I was, pass on the info.
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