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Deirdre Flint

Super spiffy. I went off to my very first concert tonight, though I don't think it can count when it's a venue at the basement of a church and only seated 15-20, but there it is. A couple weeks ago I had been searching kazaa for filk. For those not familiar with filk, it's science fiction/fantasy folk music. How's that for a focused genre? I had gotten interested in filk listening to songs about Valdemar, a set of books by mercedes lackey. She's put out quite a few cds with songs about the characters and stories and while it's pretty hit or miss, the hits are often bullseyes. I finally decided to find more of the same and ended up downloading a song about the Boob Fairy, a hilarious song that's "a metaphor about human inadequecies".

If anyone is interested, deirdre has the song on her website at: along with others. I was so impressed that I ended up buying both of her cds, the first ones I've purchased in over 4 years and one of only a couple that were not musicals. I found her website through googling for the song name and also her show list. She's based on phily and even though there was a show just 10 minutes from my parents' home in jersey, I didn't think I would ever get a chance to actually catch her in concert. Before my grandfather's death I had only been planning to come back here for four days, and I would have been gone this past tuesday, missing the show. It's funny how things work sometimes.

So my sister and I were treated to two sets of songs mostly from her cd's and a couple that are new and I hadn't heard yet. It was lotsa fun and I had both of my cds signed and also picked up a little souvineer. I offered it to modesta considering her problem with the boob fairy, but I doubt she'll want to actually give me her address so I can mail it to her. After all, there are all sortsa embarassing and inconvienant things I could probaly ship over there to her parents or siblings or whatnot.


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