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And we have DNA!

After unmitigating weeks and weeks news favorable to the defense in the Duke Lacrosse case, it looks like the prosecution has finally picked up a win....well, a conditional one. The DNA found under the fake nails were sent off to a private lab and analyzed and while there was no full match, they were able to say that it was 'consistant with' one of the players. This obviously is 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Apparently there wasn't enough DNA present to do the full matching and so it's pretty much impossible to say conclusively whose DNA it is. On the otherhand, there was apparently enough to say that none of the other players could have contributed the sample. So who is this mystery man who's DNA is 'consistant with' what is found on the nails?

Sources say the third player is the same person who was identified with "90 percent" certainty by the alleged victim in a photo lineup. That lineup was conducted by police weeks after the March 13 off-campus lacrosse team party where the alleged incident took place.

For the accuser's sake and for the DA's, the have to hope that the match is to a mustached Dan Flannery. As I've mentioned before, the accuser said one of her attackers was named Dan but had introduced himself as Adam. A little easy bit of detective work and it showed that the person she was referring to was none other than team captain Dan Flannery.

We also have the transcript of the lineup procedure and in regards to the person she id'ed with 90% certainty:

Accuser: He looks like one of the guys who assaulted me sort.

Detective: Okay. How, um, how sure of it are you on this image?

Accuser: He looks just like him without the mustache.

Sargeant: Okay, so the person had a mustache?

Accuser: Yes.

Sergeant: Percentage wise. What is the liklihood this is one of the gentlemen who assaulted you?

Accuser: About 90%.

Put these two together and what we need to find in the report is a DNA sample 'consistant with' a mustached, at the time, Dan Flannery. If that pans out, then it certainly boosts the accuser's credibility big time. If it dosen't, it just adds more questions and problems with how accurate the identifications were. This is already a bit of an issue simply because she's already identified four likely suspects when we know she claims only 3 assaulted her.
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