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Yet another bombshell

It just gets more and more interesting. Just a day or two ago the talk was all about the DNA found on a fake fingernail that was consistant with one of the duke lacrosse players. Now it seems that there was something even bigger in the report, an almost unbelievably pivotal result if it is shown to be accurate.

tests showed genetic material from a 'single male source' was found on a vaginal swab taken from the accuser, but that material did not match any of the players.

'In other words, it appears this woman had sex with a male,' said Cheshire, who spoke at a news conference with other defense attorneys in the case. 'It also appears with certainty it wasn't a Duke lacrosse player.'"

This boggles the mind. Despite speculation of condoms or 'foreign objects', the accuser's story never mentioned either in any source that has been released to the public including the search warrants with her statements. It always seemed pretty remarkable that nothing was recovered when she claims that she was anally, vaginally, and orally assaulted. Now we have this claim by the defense that semen was recovered and it's a definitive non-match. I can't even begin to imagine what kind of bombshell that is.

Does it mean that she was attacked and simply not by a lacrosse player? This would mean that she's likely put a bunch of people through a literal hell with mistaken identifications.

Does it mean instead that no assault took place at all at the party and the bruising was from an incident either prior or after? Maybe there was no attack at all and there was simply consentual sex with some unknown individual.
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