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Everyone wants to go to gencon

Just got back from another game day at the Panera. I decided that I wanted to try to play some of the games I have still in shrink wrap so I brought along reef encounters and runebound. I figured I could read the rules there before the event started and figure out how everything was supposed to work. What I discovered however is that reef encounters is freaking complex. I got past setup and then just gave it up completely. You need a freaking masters degree in instruction manuals to have even the slightest inclination to want to wade through it with comprehension. It just went on for page after gigantic page. Runebound was quite a bit simplier by comparrison and we did get a game in of that. It's a good thing too because though I have never played before today I've got another big box expansion for it and like 5 of the small expansions.

Other than that, Kath confirmed that she's going to go to gencon as well, which is sorta spiffy. Add that to Kalai and Jeff and it looks like there will be quite a big local contingent. God knows I've never known anyone who's wanted to go from around here before. For most people it's simply too far, too expensive, and too diehard. What this will mean is that it's unlikely my TD tickets will go to waste and that I'll have to refund any of the thursday night ones. If everyone shows up, we're looking at 11 people for 12 tickets.

On a sad note, no DnD tommorrow. Randy had to bail because he's off with Bob to visit Bob's mom. Feh. I was really looking forward to the game considering we had just hit lvl 5 the previous session. 3d6 arcane blasts! Take 10 with use magic device! WooT. Oh well. There's always two weeks from now.
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