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Happy Mother's Day

Nothing really interesting to report. Went out with the whole family practically for a mother's day breakfast this morning and then headed off to borders to search for more books. Neither my mom nor my grandmother wanted anything fancy-schmancy so there was a distinct lack of bouquets and other things that have marked past events. My sisters did however buy my mom a new bed. Not exactly the present that usually comes to mind when you think 'mother's day' but at least it's practical and will last for years.

I had a pretty poor night when it came to pain management and it wasn't much better during the early hours of the day. After the breakfast I went to Borders and picked up the Bryson book (a short history of nearly everything), the know it all, and flags of our fathers. A lot of the books that were supposed to be there and people had suggested seemed to be missing from the stock up front. I guess I could have roamed through the shelves and tracked them down myself but I wasn't exactly feeling all that great and just didn't have the intiative. On the plus side, it turns out Connie had around 75 dollars worth of borders gift certificates from her credit card which meant that my 3 purchases cost me a lump sum of $1.75 with 45 dollars left unclaimed. Woot. Now I just need to find more books I want.
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