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My dirty little secret

I'm addicted to the Bravo reality show Top Chief. Yes, I know. I'll pause here so you can regain control over the howls of laughter.


I can't help it. The show has been a laugh riot of egomaniacs and nutjobs and it's been a ton of fun. It reminds me of the good old days of reality tv shows when everyone fit a nice stereotype and there was conflict on demand. They had a 'reunion' episode right before the two-part finale and it almost turned into a brawl as two of the contestants faced off and made threat postures like something out of Animal Kingdom. There was also a spate of tears, a couple of pile-ons and one contestant walking off the stage, too upset to continue. In a word, fantastic. Ever single stereotype of a chef being slightly crazed is confirmed in this series in the form of one character or another.

I don't suppose anyone else is watching this? Isn't tiffany eeeeevil?
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