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The death threats come complimentary

So today was the first court appearance in the Duke Lacrosse debacle and it was quite a circus. The New Black Panthers were on hand and you know how much more interesting anything becomes when you toss a racist hate group into the mix. Frankly, I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping the Klan shows up at some point and maybe they and the Panthers can fight a war of mutual annihilation out in streets of Durham. In addition to that, there were also reports of death threats and other more banal comments and insults yelled at Seligman from the crowd both inside the court and outside. Nice. I'm sure those same individuals will be horribly outraged when the accuser faces pretty much the same sort of treatment from the other wingnuts. Hypocrisy, it's what's for dinner.

So what's new in the case lately....

Well, in a public interview the accuser's father said that he didn't believe that she had been raped when she was 14. That was pretty damn surprising. If you didn't know better, you'd think her parents were working for the defense in this case. Almost every word they convey to the media is a nail in their daughter's credibility and I can't figure out for the life of me why they don't just shut up before they completely sink the ship.

In other news, I've seen the first conspiracy nutjobs float the groucho mustache theory. We pretty much knew that was inevitable.

Evans released a polygraph report which said he passed, but unless I can see the entire thing including the questions asked and the methodology, there's not much I can make of it. A polygraph is only as sophisticaed as the design of the questions and the way you carry it out. The reason they're not admissable is that they pop up with false positives quite often. Meaning that innocent people look guilty. It's still used in a lot of police deparments as a way to eliminate suspects and of course the FBI and CIA both still use it extensively for counter-espionage operations. Without seeing the methodology, I can't tell if this test was a good one or not.

The DA apparently tried to pressure the cab driver into changing his story providing seligman with an alibi to no avail. He had the guy arrested and apparently had two investigators grill him for 4-5 hours about the case.

The accuser's name hit the web quite a while ago but still hasn't been cited by any major news outlet. I've always thought that releasing the names of the accused while shielding those of an accuser was crap. That's been true in this case or any other. On a sidenote, her name (Crystal Gail Mangum) sounds like something you'd get out of one of those "What is my stripper name?" memes.

Wow, I just found the best timeline of the events that night. It has a lot of the information I was able to piece together but in addition it also has the statements of the neighbor which are critical.
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