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I'll bet he wonders why the tables don't fit

The first night of spring gathering was pretty kick ass. I got there and managed to play in a few quick games that I placed in if not won. Paul from NECA was there and as a special bonus, he was interested in trying to figure out a good system for running NBC sealed deck and booster draft tourneys.

The NBC game is a bit unusual when compared to other CCGs, depending on specific card combos more than most games where it's not as necessary. A good chunk of the cards can't be played at all unless you have the right characters out. Given the random distribution in sealed/booster tourneys, the liklihood that you find those characters are slim to none sometimes.

Anyway, in order to test the thing, he offered me and Matt and Joyce (two other NBC fans I know who come to meetup and the little shop of comics NBC tourneys) the oppertunity to run a test tourney with packs he had. It was a lot of fun and we each ended up walking away with like 10 Christmas Town booster packs and 3 of the original. Sweet.

The downside of course was that this took a pretty big chunk of time and it was 3 am before I was ready to head for home. Randy had brought all of my game stuff to me when he had decided to head ato bed and I was going to store it in his hotel room so I didn't have to commute with it back and forth. As I stumbled weak and weary to my car in the parking garage, I patted my pockets and realized I didn't have my car keys. Frak! I went back to the hotel and found that the lights were off in the boardgame room and someone had cleared off all of the tables. Double frak! Also, no one had turned my car keys into the front desk. Triple frak! When I went to Randy's room and woke him up in order to check my box of stuff, it wasn't there either. FRAK FRAK!

So basically I was stuck at the con. Some well meaning but clearly brain damaged person had scooped up my keys and instead of turning them into the hotel, had obviously decided to take it with them and likely wouldn't be back until morning. By the time I realized I was completely fucked, it was 4am and I had 5 hours before people started showing back up. I ended up rolling under a table in one of the smaller rooms but couldn't sleep for a variety of reasons. Pain, cramped space, people roaming in and out, you name it. I basically spent 5 hours staring at the underside of the table where someone had scribbled little math problems in an obvious attempt at one point to figure out how many tables would fit into a room. On a sidenote to the mystery stranger who had done this in days past, 12 x 3 is NOT 46.

I stayed in the room until hotel staff unexpectadedly came in and started removing the tables. I'll bet they were pretty surprised to see me roll out from underneath one of them since the long tablecloths had been totally obscuring until that point. Previously I had had to dodge another hotel worker as he wandered in and stuffed chairs back under, rolling and dodging like it was some sort of video game. That was when I found out that the boardgame room had been moved and after having the breakfast of champions in the Con suite (handfuls of chips ahoy cookies and lays potato chips) I went down to the right ballroom and sure enough, recovered my keys from the person who had taken them.

All would be right with the story at this point if I could have then gone home and fallen into a coma. Of course, that was impossible. I had a full day of events to run and was pretty much frakked. I did manage to scramble home for a hour in order to shower and deal with medical issues before I had to be back.

The rest of the con ended up going pretty well with some bumps and problems due to blood, guts, and gore. Well, maybe not guts but the other two. There was one pretty hilarious confrontation where one of the people playing munchkin started throwing a fit that a kid was beating him and started being verbally abusive. I didn't catch the start of this but Eileen (the BG head) went over there to talk to him about it and the guy pretty much started flipping out and calling her a bitch. It was around 2am at that point and I had been without sleep for at least 36 hours or more. I was sorta hoping the conflict would escalate just so I could hit him with a chair. There's nothing like getting in on a brawl when you realize that _everyone_ in the room would be on your side except for the poor schmuck you just brained with the chair.

Anyway, nothing came of it and things calmed down. We never did find out exactly who that putz was so it was impossible to ban him from future conventions. The next day I told Eileen that it was too bad she didn't jump him just for the entertainment value. She responded that 'jumping' him could be construed in a couple of different ways. I told her I figured that at 2am with that much lack of sleep, either one would have been entertaining as hell for me. See people? This is what you get for going to bed early. You miss all of the fun.
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