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Beyond belief

I had our tech guys pull the data on the first six hours of event registration. During these six hours, 433 people purchased event tickets. Of these 433 people, 112 were able to purchase their event tickets in under 10 minutes. For 146 people it was 10-20 minutes, for 89 people 20-30 minutes, for 48 people 30-40 minutes, for 29 people 40-50 minutes, for 8 people it took 50-60 minutes, and for one poor soul, over an hour.

So this begs the question, what’s acceptable?...Sure, 5 minutes would be nice, but for this situation I think 30 minutes is probably acceptable, especially since most of you are probably doing this from the convenience of your home or office computer, possibly playing computer games or eating lunch in the meantime (way better than standing in line onsite).

If that’s a reasonable goal, then how many people did we disappoint? Well, according to this data, that would be 86 people.

This is the most facile piece of shit reasoning I think I have ever seen.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, this is Peter Adkison's response to the complaint about registration this year. I just got sent it and I'm not sure that many people have ever seen such a large steaming loaf of horse shit. He must think that those people he's writing to are fucking morons. Considering some of the people I've run across on the forums in the past, it wasn't necessarily a bad guess on his part.

This whole thing reminds me of the quote, lies, damned lies and statistics. The entire argument is almost flawed beyond my ability to comprehend. It's like saying that if you had a bread line somewhere and 10,000 people show up for a loaf. You randomly execute 9,567 of them. Of the remaining 443 who you don't kill, they get to pick a loaf of bread from what is avaliable. Then upon hearing complaints about the process you apologize to the last 89 people because by the time they got to the front, all that was left was pumpernickel. The message is, of course, that the 9,567 people who were executed can go fuck themselves.

What a tool. If he actually believes this crap, I'd be shocked he can manage to tie his own shoes in the morning.
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