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And the Top Chef is....


Not really a huge surprise considering the way things were going. What was amazing was the number of times Tiffany got dumped on during the episode. Perhaps a fate not undeserved some would say, but still, it was pretty harsh and you couldn't help feeling sorry for her after a while. Well, okay, _I_ couldn't help feeling sorry for her. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who would happily dance a jig on her grave. I can't think of any reality show finale where one of the contestants was this generally loathed.

First, Stephen was the only one who wanted to be on her team, and even then you got the impression he was just trying to be nice.

Second, she gets caught in that little lie snafu about coming up with the dessert jointly with Dave.

Third, the tv audience voting by phone perferred Harold to win by a margin of 93-7%. That's unbelievable.

Fourth, every other eliminated cast member in the episode thought Harold should win.

Man, I'm not sure she could have been smacked around any more if they had her old kindergarten teacher come in and describe how she wet herself in class one day. The entire situation was skewed so one-sided I almost wish she had won just to see the howls of outrage from viewers. I wonder if that sort of thing might actually cause more people to tune in if they do a second season of the show just for the drama component. It's like the whole what if Omarosa had won The Apprentice that first season.
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