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Christmas Town? Hmmmm....

Well, I just spent another $207 dollars on more CCG boosters. My 3 boxes of the Nightmare Before Christmas expansion Christmas Town arrived yesterday. I also picked up a pack of 100 binder sleeves and got down to some hardcore card sorting. In all, I think I was at it for something along the lines of 4-5 hours. So basically not only is it a money pit, but a time sink as well. Feh. Now I'm starting to recall why I so heartily swore off MtG back in the day. The 'Gotta catch them all' thing is just trouble.

On the plus side, the monthly tourneys have been a lot of fun and I ended up winning this past saturday. Well, I actually came in second but since the designer won and he dosen't take prizes, close enough. I picked up a couple promo cards that will only be avaliable through the tourneys and the win was without even having having the expansion. I figure I can improve the deck quite a bit with the new cards.

So, I don't suppose on the offchance of reading me blather about this game for months on end now has sparked anyone's interest? I've got a fuckload of commons and things and I would be willing to send some out just so you could take a look at the cards. As they say, the first taste is free.
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