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Soldiering for Dummies

'Values' course lists dos and don'ts of war

Details of the values training program that U.S. troops in Iraq will attend -- in the wake of a number of allegations of misconduct and civilian killings -- have been obtained by CNN. The presentation called "Core Warrior Values Training" includes advice such as don't leave wounded enemies to die.

Well, this is an assinine piece of crap. Yes, certainly don't leave wounded enemies out there to die. It's better to patch them up and release them so you get the joy of hunting them down again in a few months. Think of it like one of those catch and release policies they have on fishing shows.

Lets see, what other pearls of wisdom do we have out there?

  • Don't desecrate the dead.
  • Don't cause unnecessary suffering.
  • Don't steal things while searching private homes.
  • Don't photograph detainees, especially when they're hooded.

Jeez. It's like they don't want you to have any fun at all. There should be some sort of points system where for good behavior you earn brownie points which you can then trade in order to desercrate the odd corpse. This would make everyone happy and give all the troops an incentive to be good. Besides, it'd be like a team building exercise. You never forget the first corpse you desecrate.

One of the training vignettes offers a more specific scenario, first placing the soldier in a hypothetical "cordon-and-search operation" at a private residence.

"On the way out you see items in the household that appear to be valuable, in particular, an expensive watch. No one is looking. What do you do?"

Well, umm...we're sure no one is looking, right? And it's not one of those cheap knockoffs that just look expensive but is really a piece of crap? Ummm, well.....

"Leave the watch. The law of war and the [Uniform Code of Military Justice] make it a crime to steal. Military professionals respect private property and possessions."

Damn! Okay, that was just a practice question. It didn't count.
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