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Sign of the Tourist Trap

Party in Hell planned for 6-6-06

Saturday, June 3, 2006; Posted: 8:40 p.m. EDT (00:40 GMT)

HELL, Michigan (AP) -- They're planning a hot time in Hell on Tuesday.

The day bears the date of 6-6-06, or abbreviated as 666 -- a number that carries hellish significance.

And there's not a snowball's chance in Hell that the day will go unnoticed in the unincorporated hamlet 60 miles west of Detroit.

Nobody is more fired up than John Colone, the town's self-styled mayor and owner of a souvenir shop.

"I've got `666' T-shirts and mugs. I'm only ordering 666 (of the items) so once they're gone, that's it," said Colone, also known as Odum Plenty. "Everyone who comes will get a letter of authenticity saying you've celebrated June 6, 2006, in Hell."

Most of Colone's wares will sell for $6.66, including deeds to one square inch of Hell.

Live entertainment and a costume contest are planned. The Gates of Hell should be installed at a children's play area in time for the festivities.

"They're 8 feet tall and 5 foot wide and each gate looks like flames, and when they're closed, it's a devil's head," Colone told The Detroit News for a Saturday story.


The 666 revelry is just the latest chapter in the town's storied history of publicity stunts, said Jason LeTeff, one of its 72 year-round residents -- or, as the mayor calls them, Hellions or Hell-billies.

Now that sounds like it could be entertaining. Of course, it's a wee bit extreme to have to travel all the way to farging michigan on a lark. There should be a Hell, New Jersey to make things more convienant and if there isn't one, then Newark should be renamed. Not only would it be fun, but many would argue that it would be a far more apt name anyway for that cesspool.

Considering how small the town seems to be, I can also see this as the start for a new reality tv show. 'Trapped in Hell!' where you grab a buncha urbanites and make them spend a year there and see who goes completely insane from the boredom first.
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