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I <3 the Japanese

Not only is japanese tv just more entertaining in general, it seems to find a way to bring you hilarity without the need for high priced sets or fiddily writers. All you need is an outrageous premise and then a bunch of people willing to endure pain and humiliation. It's like the next level of reality tv shows. It's gold, I tell ya. Gold.

Here's the premise. A buncha guys go to a library (obviously one that's been staged) and then engage drawing straws where the person who picks the short stick (so to speak) has to suffer some torturous or otherwise unpleasant event. The goal is obviously not to make any noise since they are, after all, in a library.

I watched the third one first and laughed myself silly. While that probaly dosen't say much for my sense of humor, I think it's justifiable in this case.

Silent Library 1 (part I)
Silent Library 1 (part II)

Silent Library 2 (part I)
Silent Library 2 (part II)

Silent Library 3
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