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The devil made me do it

All of a sudden I'm reminded of a night court episode from way back. A nutjob comes into the court and claims if you play a certain album backwards it was a message from satan. He plays it and of course it sounds like gobbilygook but he claims it says, 'I am the devil, the devil is good.'.

What does that have to do with anything? Zilch. But at least it's devil related on 6:66 of 6/6/6.

On a sidenote, I thought this was sorta amusing. It looks like moms are avoiding this hardly auspcious day for childbirth.

NEW YORK (AP) -- Around the country, some superstitious mothers-to-be took steps Tuesday to make sure their babies were not born on the most bedeviling of dates, 6-6-6.

In New York, "people are canceling left and right because of what today represents," said Liza Washington, an administrative assistant at Children's Hospital of the New York-Presbyterian Medical Center. More than a dozen deliveries were postponed because of 666, which is said to be the "Number of the Beast" in the Bible's book of Revelation.

Julie Haley, 33, of Reading, Massachusetts, went into labor Monday. As of Tuesday afternoon, she still had not given birth.

"We were going to try to get it out before midnight or I was going to keep my legs closed," she said. "I don't want her to have that stigma for the rest of her life. When she gets older, her friends would say that anything bad would be because of her birthdate."
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