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Welp, the DnD session yesterday went off without a hitch. Things were pretty spiffy overall and no one ended up dying. Kath went unconscious again, but there's nothing really unusual about that. We're finally getting to the point where our characters can really put a dent into something when given a chance. We're more than halfway to 6th at the moment and everyone will soon start picking up prestige classes and whatnot.

My warlock has decided to go for Shadow Adept which is a FR class based on the shadow-weave and worship of the goddess Shar. That obviously won't work in a greyhawkian campaign so we swapped it over to Vecna. The only problem is, he can't seem to find any Vecna worshippers or their church. Apparently walking down the streets and asking for directions to the church of Vecna from random pedestrians isn't working out all that well.

Yes, yes. I know that none of you giving a flaming horse's ass about my DnD campaign nor do you want to hear about my character. Tough titties. You're just going to have to grin and bear it or skim over it.
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