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Hilarity! Hippies eat crow. I gloat.

Welp, the Karl Rove story continues to pay huge dividens as hippies are finally compelled to face reality. This investigation has been running for what feels like eons at this point, but it looks like we finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The best part? Hippies managed to get plowed under by that train one more time before the end.

Step into my gloating time machine:

On 5/12, a little over a month back, Jason Leopold reported for the hippie wingnut site Truthout that Karl Rove had been indicted in the case. This sent hippies into wild and exultant cheering as you might imagine. The report claimed multiple, indepedent sources who all said that the indictment was set and would be released within a week. Meanwhile, Rove had 24 hours or so to get his affairs in order (later changed to 24 buisness hours when the original deadline passed) before getting hit with it. Hippie bloggers grabbed this information and ran with it, spreading it far and wide. Some even reported throwing parties and the like.

5/19: What's that? No indictment has been released yet even though it's been a week? Errr, well.....Marc Ash, the executive director at truthout, posts a message where he franticly scrambles to try to salvage his and his site's credibility. He offers a pseudo-apology for 'getting too far out in front of the news-cycle' and reiterates his belief that the originals tory was correct. Hilarity.

5/25: Sure, it's been almost two weeks now since the story but Marc is still holding out hope. He trots out even more assurances that their reporting was correct. Again, we hear of three independent sources, unnamed of course, that standby the story and a heaping load of shite on top of it which accounts to baseless speculation. Marc is obviously tap dancing just as fast as he can, not knowing the ground is about to fall out from under him.

6/12: Don't worry, tinfoiled hat hippies! There is still hope! There were apparently some seekrit indictments handed out by some court in washington which of course must mean that it's the rove indictment we've been talking about. We'll hype the fact that it's SEEKRIT despite the fact that even other hippie sites are factchecking by this point, and show that this latest theory is also full of shit.

6/13: Oh noes! The sky is falling! Just about every single major news outlet, including the NYT reports that Rove has been told that he is no longer a target and that Fitz dosen't anticipate indicting him. The followup is also that there was never any deal cut and as far as Rove is concerned, it's pretty much all over. In one stroke, everything truthout and Leopold claimed is proved to be fictional. But wait, it gets better. Instead of issuing a mea culpa, marc keeps dancing for all he's worth.

You can't buy this sort of entertainment. Watching hippies tie themselves into knots is just hilarious.
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