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Lab Potluck Christmas Party

So we went potluck this year. The lab I'm in really isn't as festive as the one I left. In the human research lab we used to all og to a christmas party at the PI's house each year and do a secret santa gift exchange. By comparrison in the animal lab it's pretty much something like today, a potluck of some sort which is nice...just not all that cheery by comparrison. So I snapped quite a few pictures which will likely include people most LJ people won't know so you'll have to bear with me.

Cookies! Caren, the post-doc who's leaving as of tommorrow also happens to be a bake-o-holic. She's been regailing us with tales of her christmas cookies and breads and we finally got to experience some of her handywork today. Here's the cookie platter she brought in. Impressive eh? Apparently all the cookies are color coded. The yellows were licorice flavored, the red was cherry, the blue was vanilla, etc. It's a pity everyone was so stuffed that no one really was able to make much headway into the cookies. There's always tommorrow.

Look. It's the happy candy people standing with their gingerbread cat, by the gingerbread tree in front of their gingerbread house. Don't they look adorable? Melissa, a friend, had heard me complaining that ever since I was young I had wanted to devour an entire gingerbread house. Apparently no one had informed me that gingerbread houses usually aren't for eating having been made with glue and other inedible and likely toxic materials. She decided to make me one for christmas, and completely edible at that.

The start of the lab potluck feast. What you can see are some of the desserts and the start of the materials for the holiday cheeseburgers de chau. We ended up with quite a spread. 2 slabs of bbq ribs, cheese burgers de chau, homemade hummus, falafels, pasta salad, jumboliah(sp) and a buncha assorted desserts.

This is the coke-a-cola polar bear riding the christmas ferret in front of my lightup electrobrain. Don't even ask.

The backs of everyone's head at the party. Well, most of them anyway. I'll do the introductions later.

Another shot of the polar bear and the christmas ferret. Apparently they migrated at some point during the party.

This is the carvel ice cream cake I bought for Caren, the postdoc who's leaving the lab. Isn't it spiffy? You can see the remains of my meal on the right. Those ribs were pretty spiffy.

Here's Caren stabbing the cake. The knife's all blurry. wooooo.

Here's Jesse on the left and Robert on the right. Jesse is the department computer person. He's not really part of the lab and is here to mooch on a free meal. Robert is a lab tech who mostly works with the HPLC. He's also a rabid Deanite. You should see him froth at the mouth.

This is Caren with Paul, the PI. I'm not sure exactly what he's freaking out about. Maybe someone ordered more Bic pens :P.

Here's the lab picture. From left to right, Chau the undergrad tech, Lorinda the lab manager, Me looking tired from being in the lab since 3am, Robert a lab tech, Paul the PI, Caren the post-doc, and Anitra the other grad student.

THis is the poor candy family after people bit off the heads of the two children and the cat. Poor mom....

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