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I have never in my life heard of anything like this happening, but the defense in the Duke Lacrosse case just turned over ALL the discovery evidence over to the news media. Every single last page of it has been revealed. This is beyond earth shattering from a legal standpoint. When can any of you think of a time when the defense has actually unveiled all the evidence the prosecution has against their client? At best, you receive selected information that paints their clients in the best light.

In fact, this 'cherry picking' defense was the last straw that accuser supporters were clinging to. For weeks and weeks now they've had to watch the case disintegrate underneath them. Starting as an angry lynch mob, certain that the players were guilty and printing up wanted posters, they have fought a long rear-guard action ever since as more evidence appears. Each new piece of information has been another nail in their coffin. It's gotten so bad with the recent revelation of actual police documents by the defense in their court filing that all they've had left to say is that 'we don't have all the evidence' and that the defense is 'cherry picking'. Now even that has been taken away from them. The news media HAS all the evidence and the case is even weaker than believed.

Video of Dan Abrams who has viewed all 1300 pages of the evidence.

Amazing, eh? What is there left to say?

A lot of people were horribly indignant about the intial comparrisons in this case with Tawana Brawley. That conjexture was no doubt ahead of the curve and often made rashly, but it seems that it has come to pass anyway. We now seem to have a new symbol to replace Brawley and and an even more egregious exercise of racism. How long will it be when the next rape case comes along and someone says, 'it's the duke lacrosse case all over again'?
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