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Satanic Cat Watch: Day 1234

Welp, it looks like the forces of darkness have been churning on to try to save one of their footsoldiers.

An animal sanctuary is offering a safe haven to Lewis the cat, a Fairfield feline whose vicious attacks on neighbors have landed his owner in court.

Neighbors say they have been terrorized by Lewis, claiming the gray and white cat has used his long claws and stealth to attack at least a half dozen people and ambush an Avon saleswoman.

The Best Friends Animal Society of Kanab, Utah, which claims to be the country's largest no-kill animal sanctuary, offered to take Lewis free of charge.

"He would be cared for by specialists who know how to handle cats with behavior problems," Russ Mead, Best Friends' general counsel, wrote to Superior Court Judge Patrick Carroll.

The judge is expected to decide Lewis' fate on Tuesday, when the cat's owner, Ruth Cisero, returns to court. Cisero, who was charge with second-degree reckless endangerment, earlier refused another judge's offer of special probation because it carried the condition that Lewis be put to death.

Cisero's attorney, Eugene Riccio, has described Lewis as "a member of her family."

Animal Sanctuary, my ass. My guess is that it's a command and control hub for the cat invasion force. No doubt they have seen the success that 'Lewis' has had in terrorizing an entire neighborhood and are trying to bring him there so he can train the next generation of agents. I can only hope that the execution goes on as scheduled and we draw a line in the sand against cat aggression. If we buckle in, it'll just be telegraphing weakness and the handmaidens of satan will use it against us. The cat must die and its body burned so they it cannot be reanimated to join the infernal legions.
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