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Lets go tagging

Welp, I finally gave in and decided to add tags to my entries. I figured this would be not only easier for me to find past posts and tie together topics like the duke lacrosse case or satanic cat watch, but that people reading might find it helpful as well. Of course, what it really amounts to is a major fucking pain in the ass.

I guess I could just tag from here on out and just ignore past entries but that just grates on my nerves. So I've committed myself to backtracking through all my entries and tagging as I go. This is a pretty herculean undertaking consdering this fraking journal is 2 and a half years old and contains over 1300 entries. (Which, incidently I've just calculated out means an average of just over 1.3 entries a day) I've started to work my way back but could only get to may before reaching the point of committing suicide if I had to continue. I figure I can work on it off and on whenever I'm in the mood to suffer tedium.
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