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Canadian pedophiles in mourning

Well, it looks like the era of scoring 14 year old tail in canada is about to come to an end.

CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) -- Seeking to crack down on sexual predators in the era of the Internet, Canada's government brought in legislation Thursday that would raise the legal age of consent for sex to 16 from an unusually young 14.

Justice Minister Vic Toews said changing the law will bring Canada's standards into line with those in several other countries, and he complained Canada's relatively low age of consent has attracted sexual criminals from more restrictive countries.

On one hand, it's almost a perfect solution to keep their age of consent artificially low. Over time as enforcement heats up in the US and other places, all the pedophiles would eventually migrate to canada. Just like the pilgrams of old they could trek to their new world of 'old enough to bleed, old enough for me' land in the great white north. It seems like it would have been a nice and elegant answer to the problem. If only the officials down here had capitalized and started sending our sexual predators across the border with the promise that their depravity was legal up there (as long as they stuck to 14 year olds anyway).

Of course, there are those who don't think the idea is a good one.

The federation, formerly Planned Parenthood, has said there is no evidence that raising the age of consent will improve protection for young people, and warned it may discourage young people from seeking out birth control options or other assistance.

Bah, admit your true motivations! After a long day of aborting fetuses and passing out birthcontrol, nothing really satisfies like a harem of nekkid tweens.

Still, not all is lost for those who are worried that this might signal the end of wild playground sex.

But the proposal, first outlined in April, will also allow youngsters to have consensual sex with people up to five years older or younger, even if that means one partner is aged 14 or 15.

Whew. It's nice to know that canadians will be able to retain their god-given right for 9 and 14 year olds to boink one another or 14 and 19 year olds to do the same. Still, the legislation hasn't passed yet, so here's your last chance to book a sex-tour to canada. Why travel all the way to thailand or something when you can just go north?
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