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If God allowed character creation

I was just thinking that it would be spiffy if we could have created ourselves like we create a character for dungeons and dragons. The classic stat-buy system so that everyone has the same amount of resources to start with and then they could allocate them as they chose. Just think of the would be able to pick those traits that were most important to you. You could be smart, or likable, or healthy, or strong in whatever proportion you felt was best. Now, of course the catagories would have to expand beyond the 6 main attributes we have in DnD in order to touch all the basis. There might be slots for wealth or for physical attributes, and a catchall under 'luck' as well.

Just think of the advantages. For one, people would really be equal in a fundamental way. No one would be slighted in one category without a compensatory increase in others. If you saw someone on the street with no legs, you could be sure that they had plenty of other skills or abilities to make up for it. Likewise, if you bumped into someone who had a mind like albert einstein, you could be relatively sure that he was a 90-pound weakling, would fall over trying to skip, or had some other deficit. It would be one way to reach that goal of different but equal that's often so plagued society.

I wonder if I should send the Pope a copy of the PHB and see if he can broach the idea with God.
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