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Satanic Cat Watch: Day 1238

The movement to expose cats for the demonic hellbeasts they are is growing. It's like I've become the local clearing house for information as people send in their links and stories that show that cats are the handmaidens of satan. This particular tidbit is from foxxtail and June from Double Exposure.

Hitler cats!

A blog dedicated to cats that look like Hitler

So close, and yet still blind. What the blogger should realize is perhaps it's not the cats that look like Hitler, but that Hitler looks like a CAT! Yes, it's true. It should be no surprise that one of the most evil men in history would have ties to the demonic feline underground. Surely you don't believe that some third-rate artist could actually build an empire that threatened the entire world by himself. It would have been impossible without the aid and backing of cats, and through those cats, Satan himself.

Now, no one knows how Hitler might have first fallen under the influence of cats. We could speculate forever about this and never reach a conclusion. My personal pet theory is that his grandfather was half cat, having been the product of dark and foul beastiality rites. I digress, however. What is clear that as the cats guided him along his path, they marked him and he grew to more resemble the evil to which he had wed himself. No doubt the cat nation was chargrined when he finally fell, but they are patient in their evil. They simply withdrew and set to wait for their next oppertunity to bring about the downfall of mankind. Even now, their next human-cat avatar could be stalking the earth like the anti-christ. If you see anyone who looks like a cat, remember that the body must be burned so that it cannot rise again after death.
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