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Thank you,sir. May I have another?

So yesterday was another episode of the Nightmare Before Christmas tourney at Little Shop of Comics. I dunna if I've ever mentioned it before, but it's nice because not only is the designer of the game local but he comes to all of these tourneys and also brings his playtesters with him. This means that there's always a good sized crowd and we often get the advantage of seeing some cards ahead of time or just otherwise get some insight into the game. The downside is that one of the playtesters is pretty damn hardcore with the decks he creates. I've always done well at the tourneys, winning around half and placing in the top three almost every single time. The 'problem' is whenever Doug shows up, I get schooled out the wazoo. Not only are his decks killer, but he always seems to have my number. His draw is always excellent when he plays me and I become the guest of honor at an ass-kicking contest. I think I'm 0 for 3 playing him now and none of those times have I even been close. It's a blowout each time. Well, needless to say we matched again in the last game of the tourney and I was smeared across the ground. Oh well, 2nd is still spiffy I guess. It also didn't help that I forgot my pills at home which meant that I had other problems to deal with throughout the day.

Yesterday was also gameday at the Panera. It went pretty much as normal except that strangers and relative strangers kept showing up. I think at least a couple of them were just passerbys who were there to snag a sandwich. That dosen't usually happen and I can only think of a few occurences over the past year.

It's going to be quite a chock filled couple of gaming days. Today is the D&D game at the bills, tuesday is a boardgame meetup, and wednesday morning I leave for origins.
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