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Just dab a little cream on it

Finally picked up my first level of a pretige class at yesterday's DnD game. I'm now a Warlock 5/Acolyte of the Skin 1. The entire thing is probaly going to be a problem once I end up growing horns and sprouting large scaley spikes. For the time being though the effect should be barely noticiable and I'm just going to tell everyone else in the party that I've got a rash. I figure in the end, it'll end up like something out of Little Red Riding Hood. My, what large and red demonic eyes you have. The better to send out the hellacious eyebeams I get when I hit level 7 with my dear.

My sleep schedule is still all screwed up and that worries me a bit. It means that I'll probaly end up going to origins already a bit sleep deprived and that's never a good thing. I also haven't gotten around to packing or preparing anything for the trip yet. On top of that, my printer is out of ink and I can't print out all the various things I'm going to need for the trip like maps, event lists, etc.

(A little segway.....I freaking hate Dell and other computer companies that more or less give away free printers. These fuckers give you these things packaged with your PCs and make you believe that you're getting a good deal out of it. What they never tell you is that the ink cartridge is tiny and that the only way to obtain more is to buy it from them. That is, there's no generic ink source and nothing else works. I went to the dell site and it turns out that for _2_ ink cartridges they wanted $80! WTF?!? Given the number of pages that was printed with the first one, I figure that's at least a rate of 40 cents or so a copy if not more. I ended up having to go onto ebay and buy an old printer that did take generic ink but the thing won't get here until after origins starts.)

I'll have to make a trip over to my cousins tommorrow to get everything all printed up and ready. Since I'm driving, the packing won't be a big deal either. I can just more or less just haphazardly toss whatever I want into the car, certain there will be space for it all. No need to actually ponder what should go and what should stay.
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