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The Night Before Origins


[X] Maps/directions both there and back
[X] Backpack/Suitcase
[X] Packing
[X] Games/Nightmare Before Christmas Cards
[X] Print schedule, Evite, other whozits
[X] Electronics (MP3 player, digital camera, cell phone)
[X] Badge Holder

Feh. I still can't even find my damn backpack. I've turned these rooms upside down and still can't find the damn thing. It's really starting to piss me off.

Welp, I'm going to borrow my sister's backpack and after stuffing the games and NBC cards into it, I'm close to being all set.

More or less set at this point. It's 4am at the moment. Now the question is whether to get a few more hours sleep or just putter about until it's time to leave.

So I'll be out of touch until monday. If anyone needs me for any reason just ring my cell. I'm going to leave the # in a friends-locked post immediately following this.

Attn jirel: Give me a ring at some point. I think you're the only person I don't have contact info for.
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