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I just had a dream. I dreamed that I was back home somehow and at the computer and trying to flame the heck outta spitefairy because of something she said when a whole buncha limp noodled teeny boppers jumped into the rhetorical fray. I was trying to type out biting and scathing resposes but something was wrong with the computer and things just didn't seem right. The screen would go screwy and all I could type was complete gibberish. It was really really startig to tick me off. I also kept getting feelings of deja vu and nothing made sense. The family was milling about, mom, dad, sisters, grandparents, and all the dogs. For some reason they wanted me to go out and help them rake up leaves. The more time that passed the more I realized that somehow this day had happened before, that I was stuck in some sort of groundhog day loop and my grandfather was still alive and fine. I started to spazz out a bit, trying to avoid the fate I knew was coming once the timeline started up again. I remember telling my sister about it and when she didn't believe me at first, eventually memorizing all the events of the day to recite it as it happened.

So what did I take from the dream? Inevitability. Struggle and scream, fight and rage, and things still turn out as they were pretty much supposed to. I'm also curious why I didn't just give up eventually and just start memorizing lotto numbers or something. Oh well, at least those leaves for swept up.

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