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A working printer!

A while back my free Dell printer ran out of ink. I barely used the damn thing but poof, no ink. So of course I went online to see how much it would cost to get myself a replacement cartridge or two. That's when I discovered how dell fucks you. They give you a free printer with purchase of a computer with a teeny tiny bit of ink, knowing that you'll be forced to go back to then when it runs out after printing a measly hundred pages or so. And how much do they want for this ink of theirs for which there is no generic and nothing else fits? $80! Can you believe this bullshit? The printer's not worth $80 and I'll be damned if I'm going to pay that for 2 little vials of ink that will likely run out before I turn around twice.

The only solution was to purchase a printer based solely on ink cost. I didn't need anything fancy schmancy after all, and so I went to and saw that the Epson 740 had ink going for around a buck fifty a pop. Sold! Then stop eBay. I apparently wasn't the only one who had had this sort of idea since these printers were being bid up to sometimes obscene levels. A new one in mint and sealed condition was running for more than most good qualify inkjets avaliable today, and these suckers are so old that they don't even drivers specificly for windows XP. I ordered a used model which didn't guarentee it was functioning for around $40 and crossed my fingers. That was about half what the guarenteed ones were going for and I also tacked on a $20 ink order.

It was touch and go and I was worried the damn thing was busted but after fiddling with it for a couple hours, a driver reinstall, and a reboot, it's working perfectly! So happy. With a dozen ink packs, I should be set for years to come barring breakdown.
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