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Too pooped to pop

Well, I'm beat. I ended up spending around 7 hours at pre-dex going through the schedule with Randy and teaching a few games that the other GMs didn't know and then it was off to the Panera for gameday up until around a hour ago. Add to that the lack of sleep the night before and it's all I can do to tap this out before going and falling unconscious.

For anyone who really is waiting for the next segment of the origins recap (HA!) I'll try to get to it by monday at the latest. That's the last break I'll have before the whole dexcon thing ramps up.

On the positive side for today, I ran around a half dozen demo games of Knights of Charlemagne, the new offering from playroom entertainment and it was very well received. A couple people even expressed an interest in purchasing it, which is a pretty remarkable thing considering I don't think one of the people has ever purchased a game before that wasn't something put out by Hasbro. The main pros of KoC is that it's quick, there's a strategy element and it's always competative down to the very end. It's very hard to figure out who's going to pull out the victory and it often comes down to that last round of card placement. I'm going to take it and dead man's treasure to dexcon and run it there as a demo as well and I'm hoping for as positive a reaction.
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