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Beware the angry vagina

From a review in newsweek titled: "Why I hate the Lord of the Rings".

The moment when Sam begins addressing his best friend Frodo as “Mister” somewhere in “The Two Towers” counts as a major psychological beat. Speaking of those two, the subtext seems clear from the beginning, so how many watery looks, heaving bosoms and pregnant pauses between them until we “get it?” I began to think of Sauron’s flaming peeper as “Queer Eye for the Hobbit Guy.” Or maybe that’s an angry vagina that all those burly warriors flee. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I didn't agree with much else about this guy's reviewed, dismissing it as pointless whining but he did hit this one right on the nose. Every single one of the hobbits is a flaming catamite. There's a scene near the end where....

Frodo has just tossed the ring in and he and sam are baking on that spec of rock in the middle of the lava flow and everything fades to black. It then fades back into color and you see the rock from a distance and they have the heat waves making the bodies look like they were moving up and down. I thought they were fucking. Gayest hobbits EVER! As I was telling someone I saw the movie with, no wonder so many people write gay hobbit stories online. It's rich and fertile ground to plumb.

Many have argued it's a pretty homoerotic sort of group even from tolkien's original vision. A dash too much brotherly love for things to seem completely innocent. I wonder how many results I would come up with in google if I typed in 'gay hobbit stories'.

BTW, 8,770.

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