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Pre-dex Meetup

Well, the meetup before dexcon was quite lively last night. By my estimates, around 25 people or so showed up and there were 5-6 tables of games being run at a time. I brought my camera along with me and snapped some shots.

Mostly I brought the camera along because it had been a long time since I had last snapped photos of demos being run. I wasn't expecting such a large crowd to have shown up, and certainly not for a tuesday night event. The group is just growing faster than gangbusters and frankly, I can't keep track of all the new people.

Here's a shot of the room before the gaming started.

A game of dead man's treasure. Angie's on the left, wendy on the right.

Here's wendy again in the midst of a game of poison. Half of her friend, I think his name is tim, is on the right.

King of the Beasts. Darn pansy unicorn won.

A shot of the room.


A game of sitting ducks. Madelaine on the left, Karen on the right.

The aftermath of a huge game of 'everything' carcassone.

Dan and Sharon during a game of poison.

Here's a shot of me with Lori. She went to Shore Leave last week, which is a sci-fi media con and very thoughtfully brought me back a present.

Look! It's Amanda Tapping! Sweeeeeeet.

It's actually a funny story. When Lori mentioned a couple weeks ago that she would be going to shore leave we were chatting about the guests who would be attending and Amanda Tapping came up. I was pretty surprised that she would be there since I thought most of the stargate people only went to gatecon. Lori had been going to this convention for quite a few years and said that those stars who attended were usually very accessable. She would often have conversations with them and for the retreads, even develop little mini fan-star relationships of sorts. A couple of times she had even invited a guest to dinner and been taken up on it.

I told her that since she was going, if she happened to see Amanda Tapping running around nekkid for some reason, to be sure and snap a picture for me. We discussed the relative liklihood of such an occurance (snowball's chance in hell), but hey, you never know. Plus, maybe Lori could try the dinner invitation thing and maybe hit paydirt.

Anyway, Lori went to the con, actually met Amanda Tapping, and told her the story. When she asked for something raunchy as a picture to have signed, that's what was avaliable. I'm guessing the story is also why I've got the double-underlined 'lots'. I'm told that she was quite nice, had a sense of humor, and didn't come away from the encounter thinking that Lori was a basketcase and that I was an unbalanced stalker. Score.
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