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The living dead

The con is dead. Long live the con.

After 95 hours, it's all over and in the bag and I feel like a walking corpse. I didn't once get anything even close to resembling a decent night's sleep and was at the con each day from at least 9am to 2am. I ended up limping my way home around 4-5 this afternoon and almost immediately went to bed for some sleep. Quite frankly, I'm not even sure why I'm awake again. I pretty much assumed I would just sleep till morning just about.

I'll have a recap and pictures up at some point eventually. The scary thing is that I still have origins pictures I need to get recapped. Till then, here are some highlights:

- I won 3 national championships in various games
- I took some more pictures and chatted a bit with your sluggy guy, sherilyn
- Hex-Hex Next kicks ass
- I received a fantastic Nightmare Before Christmas CCG related gift. It might be the greatest thing I now own when it comes to gaming memorabilia/collectables.
- Some rat bastard seems to have stolen my entire killer/kinder bunnies set among other things (Not at the con, but obviously affected it)
- Fred Saberhagen's Berserker
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