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Well, I ended up getting around 17 hours of sleep in total since I got back from the con yesterday. I still feel exhausted and I'll probaly crawl back into bed at some point for more ZZZZ's.

Since I've been back, I've also been hit with a crapload of niggling details that need to be taken care of immediately. There are gencon preparations to be done, including that little surprise I planned, which is quickly running out of time. There are also other things like getting rid of my spare true dungeon golden ticket, planning my schedule for ubercon, replacing all the killer bunnies and other games that were stolen from me, finding time in the gencon schedule to give playroom a hand at their booth, processing pictures from the cons, contacting little shop of comics about the next nightmare before christmas CCG tourney, getting my uncut sheets professionally framed, contacting curt from smirk and dagger about TD, sending everyone copies of pictures who requested them, following up on the demo whozit for Days of Wonder, etc.

It's just chaos at the moment and all I really want to do is just go back to bed.
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