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Video Roundup

I've got some really kickass video clips this time around.

What if the Dark Knight from Monty Python's Holy Grail was really Darth Vader?

Now, this is something I know that my friends and I argued about in highschool. Which side would exactly win if it were the Enterprise vs a Star Destroyer? This is fantastic video where someone has spliced together old star trek episodes with star wars footage to make a pretty good amalgamation.

More japanese hilarity again. Toilet go up the hole. I can't believe a show like this dosen't get its ass sued multiple times per episode. Can you imagine if they set something like this up in the US somewhere? It'd be like am ambulance chaser's wet dream.

This clip is almost enough to make me come to the conclusion I should be watching the Maury Povich show. It's a show about a girl with a Phobia of Pickles. I swear you couldn't make this whacky shit up. It's even more entertaining than Maury's last gimmick which I think was named something like 'Yo, that ain't cho baby'. Freud would have a field day with this one.

Apparently this group of people must suffer from terminal boredom. I can't even imagine what would possess a person to use stop motion photography and a buncha volunteers in order to create Human Pong.

My fucking God. This is the stupidest idea I have seen in ages. Here's a video game that's controlled by urination. As if some people's aim weren't bad enough at urinals. Can you imagine the mess that something like this would create? I can just imagine some diehard gamers guzzling water by the gallon so they can 'recharge' and try to beat the high score.

WooT! This gives me some hope that maybe one day the dream of Bonzai Kitty can actually be achieved. Chances are it'd just be used as a way to evolve the satanic cat army. Someone should have just used a giant cork after it had climbed in.
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