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Dexcon 2006: Part II

I'm sure I mentioned this elsewhere, but it was on the 2nd day of dexcon that I noticed I had a problem when it came to the KB events I was running. I had turned the house upside down wednesday night after I got home and failed completely to find my KB set, both personal and demo, and the satchel that I carried it, and other card games around in. I have no clue when it went AWOL exactly but it seems pretty clear now that someone must've swiped it out of my car at some point. Thankfully, the con had a copy of KB and so did Randy, but my copy of Top Dogs and Kinder Bunnies had also gone missing. All in all, it was around $180 dollars worth of games that went poof. As you might imagine, this did not put me in a chipper sort of mood.

Other than that, day 2 ran pretty smoothly.

I took quite a few shots of just random people playing games and I'm going to just consolidate a bunch of it right here.

I think this was Basari on thursday morning.

Kath in the center of the picture made it none the worse for wear to play in Mystery at the Abbey. The hotel had apparently worked something out with another nearby location to put her and her dog up for the night. I taught the table the rules of mystery at the abbey and by the time I finished I found that every other game had started up and I had my first and last completely free slot of the con.

Here's Matt teaching and playing God only knows what.

Carl, Michelle, Steve, and unknown guy playing hearts.

And then it was Saturday. Ya, I know. Not exactly a day where I spaced out the pictures eh? I don't recall much of interest about thursday actually other than we were able to hold down the fort more or less. We started running into problems like there would be 15 slots on the signup sheet for the Puerto Rico qualifiers yet logistics would only have one copy of the game. This led to some scrambling to find attendees with copies and patch situations like running a couple of tables back to back within the 2 hour block so we could get more people into the qualifier. It wasn't pretty but overall it seemed to work.

Friday was hell on earth. The number of people had increased to quiet a degree and earlier problems were just exacerbated. It didn't help that as far as we knew, the slugfest and smirk and dagger guys hadn't shown when they were supposed to and that logistics didn't have copies of their games. It was just a chaotic mess of trying to patch and fill with each GM starting multiple games at the beginning of each timeslot and trying to usher people into games that we knew could run and away from the ones with problems. It wasn't pretty.

By saturday, Ruth and Eddie had arrived and Randy had taken a chill pill so things were a bit better. Earlier during the con, Randy had actually wanted to go to the dealer's room and pay for, out of his own pocket, a copy of munchkin because logistics didn't have one for some reason. (Apparently it was another case of miscommunication between the con and the Men in Black about who was bringing games and who was running what. Turns out they were doing neither when it came to basic munchkin.) We soon slapped that delusion out of him and just tried to patch fill as best as we could.

Here I was playing Apples to Apples Jr. Eddie was running it and I figured that a 4 player game would be better than one with only 3. I had started up whatever it was I was supposed to run and I figured I could use a nice relaxing start to my saturday. By then, I was already sleep deprived out the wazoo.

On a sidenote, for the adjective of 'tasty' or something like that that, I put down _birthday cake_ and had it rejected by the girl on the right there. I figured it was just my horrible luck to run into a kid with diabetes or something but her reasoning was 'I don't like cake. I eat one bite and I'm full.' ARGH!?!?!! What kinda reasoning is that?!?!? Kids. Feh.

The following are a couple of room shots from some point during the day.


Saturday also heralded the arrival of both the sluggy slugfest guy and the smirk and dagger crew. Knowing that sherilyn70 would want a picture, I had him pose for one.

I think what prompted this was I told him to 'Give me sexy'.

Here are Pat and Karen (sunfirejade) in their kilts. Despite a couple of threats to raise his, I'm happy to report that Pat kept it down (well, as far as I know).

This was saturday night when things were in full swing.

Those two rat bastards. I'm not sure if any of you out there have played Hex-Hex, but it's a card game in which you toss curses around. The goal is to not get hexed and instead pass the hex on to someone else. There are all sorts of different cards as you might imagine, but one of them hexes the entire deck of cards and the last person to throw their cards down and put their hands into the air takes a pretty massive amount of damage. While I was having someone take a picture of the game in progress, Pat chose that moment to toss the Hex-Hex-Next card. What you can see in this picture then is me looking like a moron all unaware that I'm about to turn back at any moment to 3 voice worth of damage. Curt, the guy who runs the company is hidden by my head btw.

Here's another shot of the game after I stopped swearing. Pat, as you can sort make out, is wearing the official smirk and dagger Hex-Hex t-shirt. The motto on the back is one I wholeheartedly believe in. "Cause games are a lot more fun when you can stab a friend in the back"

Look at the hugeass line. Whatever could so many people be waiting for?

From what I've seen, there's only one thing that motivates gamers like this and that's free crap. In this case, it was Sugarfest, a candy free-for-all that likely brings great joy to dentists.

The doors open and there it is. All I wanted was a picture of the darn thing before they started, but some moron opened the doors to the crowd despite assuring me I could snap a few shots first. Since there were candy trat speedbumps set right at the door, I was able to grab a few pictures fast before I was engulfed by the surging crowd. My suggestion that everyone name a saving throw vs diabetes dc 20 went more or less ignored.

Here's a closeup of the giant pile-o-pixie sticks. I loathe pixie sticks. I really don't understand what people see in them. The initial sour burst more or less sets me off from them and I can think of a lot of more pleasant confections.

There were just about candies of every sort in there. I eventually did take a pass through with friends and loaded up my badge holder with enough reeses pieces and m&m peanuts to feed an army.

At the end there you can see some imitation fig newtons. Ha! Like anyone would go for those when there's pure sugar to be had. Compared to the company it was sitting in, I imagine fig newtons would almost be considered helath food.

Alright, another shot of the giant pile of pixie sticks before the mob makes it impossible to grab any more shots without people in it.

Loose the hounds!

It was amazing seeing what some people were carting out of there. Huge towers of candy balanced precariously as they made their way back to the pits from whence they came.

Well, that more or less ended saturday night. I'm still shocked that no one ended up in a diabetic coma or something. I was sure that there would have to be at least one or two calls to EMS.

Anyway, that covers every day of the con but the last and I'll finish that up in part III.
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